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Man in black shirt and traditional Asian bracelets sits practicing qigong. Closeup of meditation gesture with hands.
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Healing Reflections

Many of us faced remarkable obstacles in the past few years: economic and political instability, illness, and fear.

Pink graphic poster with signs and diverse arms raised in air protesting women's rights.
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Circles of Activism

In much media representation, there’s a lack of authentic depictions of activism and the important movements gaining momentum and driving change today.

Male veteran in khaki uniform with military bag returning from service kneels to embrace toddler son in large hall.
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Veterans Return

Those who serve or have served in the armed forces around the world know that experience becomes an indelible part of their identity.

Portrait of Indian nonbinary person with eyes closed, wearing traditionally female cultural attire and accessories, near yellow flora.
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Beliefs and Rituals

We’re living in an unpredictable age. For some, organized religion or spiritual journeys have been part of life since birth.

Graphic illustration: overhead view of table with Asian seafood hotpot and hands eating with chopsticks.
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Taste of Heritage

Food is life. For many, food is also a passion, hobby, and even a vital pillar of identity.

Smiling Black lesbian parents and toddler girl in casual clothes sit on steps outside of home.
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Family Life

How does a family look? There are as many answers as there are modern families.

Nonbinary presenting model poses admist reaching hands in Birth of Venus inspired studio shoot.
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Celebration of Self

Our depictions of the body and perceptions of what defines beauty have always been in flux across history and culture.

Black girl flips long red microbraids back over her head, making arc against white wall.
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Joyful Rhythm

The way we move and the noise we make expresses our dreams and desires, our vulnerabilities, and our strengths.


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From the blog: championing inclusion in stock imagery.

Young toddler girl with Down syndrome wears glasses and ballerina outfit, practicing on barre.

Representing disabled people in stock imagery with authenticity and respect

Preschool age children laugh at something funny on a smartphone in kitchen. Sister puts arm around brother in wheelchair.

The importance of us: a more inclusive picture of family life

Black mom smiles on yoga mat as toddler daughter in pyjamas plays with her hair.

Diverse representation in stock imagery

Closeup portrait of boy child getting orange eyeshadow applied, exploring gender roles and beauty standards.

Binary and beyond: gender and representation in stock imagery

Three Black Lives Matter activists in Covid masks hold up signs protesting for equal civil rights outside.

Taking action: activism and expression in our visual landscape

Japanese man in purple and blue traditional attire bows, performing ritual in large brown Japanese traditional room.

Seeking stock imagery of faith and ritual as modern as our world

Brunette elementary aged girl with Down syndrome smiles in field of sunflowers on sunny day with clouds.

Come as you are: celebrating the self and self-expression in stock imagery

Female dancer in traditional Southeast Asian attire performs on stage decorated in traditional patterns.

Depicting dance and rhythm in the Internet age

Graphic vector illustration of person in red tank top holding up LGBTQA+ flag behind them with both arms.

How Adobe Stock is embracing diverse and inclusive imagery as consumers seek authenticity


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