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Enchanted Studios

Welcome to Enchanted Studios, a boutique motion graphics studio based in Suffolk, UK. We've been providing creative video templates and motion graphics for media producers worldwide since 2009.

aet Twisting Particle Logo Reveal
aet Minimal Clean Line Logo Intro
aet Sliding Box Personal Profile Slide
aet Glitchy Hologram Logo Reveal
mogrt Textured Paint Stroke Title
mogrt Damaged VHS Text and Logo Promo
mogrt Clean Bold Gradient Lower Third
aet Gradient Shape Background Loop
mogrt Simple Flip Text and Logo Intro
mogrt Wiggly Hand Written Call Out Text Box
mogrt Film Reel Glitch Overlay Transition
aet Advent Calendar Window Reveals
mogrt Triple Split Multiscreen Transition
mogrt VHS Tape Effect with Media Replace
mogrt Upward Parallax Motion Title Slide
mogrt Sliding Box Personal Profile Slide
aet VHS Tape Effect Overlays
aet Snow Storm Text Intro
mogrt Cinematic Bevelled Logo Reveal
aet Photo Memories Slideshow
mogrt Retro Light Rays Logo Reveal
aet Fun Creative Shapes Text Promo
mogrt Minimal Glossy 3D Logo Reveal
aet World Flag Overlay Creator
mogrt Parallax Timeline with Media
aet The Circle Photo Slideshow
aet Time Machine Slideshow
aet Simple Duotone Wipe Transitions
mogrt Simple Dynamic Arrow Text Opener
mogrt Crumpled Paper Media and Text Transition
mogrt Dynamic Text and Media Logo Intro
aet Parallax Corporate Promo
aet Fire Embers Overlay Creator
mogrt Fog and Mist Overlay Generator
aet Triple Split Multi Screen Transition
aet Kids Magnetic Letters Title
mogrt Electric Neon Energy Logo Reveal
mogrt Christmas Tree Lights Logo Intro
aet Parallax Christmas Greetings
aet Camera Shake Blur Transitions
mogrt Fast Flipping Media Logo Reveal
aet Damaged VHS Text And Logo Promo
aet Golden Awards Event Opening Titles
aet Twelve Days Of Christmas
mogrt Glowing Energy Beam Effect Overlay
mogrt Film Burn Melt Transition
mogrt 3D Layered Media Logo Reveal
mogrt Double Exposure Media Title
mogrt Multi Split Media Transition
mogrt Crack and Shattered Glass Media Title
mogrt Fire Embers Overlay Creator
mogrt Time Passing Media Transition
mogrt Camera Focus Transition with Media Replace
mogrt Mosaic Media and Glitch Logo Intro
aet Kinetic Text Intro and Outro
mogrt Simple Media Grid Transition
mogrt Gold Awards Opener and Credits
mogrt Advent Calendar Sticker Peel Reveal
mogrt Folding Page Turn Media Transition
mogrt Light Leaks and Bokeh Transition
mogrt Energy Blast and Text Overlay
aet Cinematic Bevelled Logo Reveal
mogrt Simple Retro Space Glow Logo Reveal
aet CCTV Security Camera Overlay
aet Confetti Cannon Overlay Generator
mogrt Digital Hologram Media Overlay
mogrt Cinematic Flickering Light Logo Reveal
aet Minimal Glossy 3D Logo Reveal
aet Simple Flip Text And Logo Intro
mogrt Bullet Point List with Logo Replacement
aet Emergency Services Light Overlay
aet Christmas Tree Lights Intro
mogrt Instant Film Photo Reveal Title
aet Elegant Festive Titles
mogrt Dream Memory Flashback Overlay
aet Parallax Scrolling Slideshow
aet 3D Block Text And Media Opener
aet Handheld Camera Shake Effect Overlay
mogrt Glitchy Hologram Logo Reveal
mogrt Dreamy Star Glow Media Overlay
aet Clean Bold Gradient Lower Third
aet Spliced Angular Slideshow
aet Golden Awards Event Winner Sequence
mogrt Gold Awards Result Reveal
mogrt Computer Screen Typing Close Up
aet Festive Storybook Opening
mogrt Festive Graphics Photo Album
mogrt Tilt Shift Macro Lens Media Overlay
aet Pixel Stretch Glitch Transitions
aet Retro Light Rays Logo Reveal
aet Paint And Spray Logo Reveal
aet Extruded 3D Logo Creator
mogrt Cctv Security Camera Overlay
mogrt Festive 3D Advent Box Reveal Title
mogrt Dust Particles Overlay Creator
aet 3D Layered Media Logo Reveal
mogrt Handheld Camcorder Shake Effect Overlay
aet Analog Glitch Transition With Text
mogrt Spotlight Logo and Text Reveal
mogrt 3D Photo Prints Media Reveal